A suggestion to make 4v5 games a bit more fair

Hi, I have seen countless posts about 4v5 situations and how people want to get their LP back and everything, but none of them have actually suggested any improvements on how to make the 4v5 matches more fair. And i haven't seen this suggestion anywhere so i will put it here now. With a 4v5 situation, a team with all 5 players has a massive advantage. - they have more map control because they have more players affecting the map - they can pressure more lanes at the same time and this will naturally result in a collapse and this will eventually lead to a loss for the 4 man team. - they have more people to deal damage and stuff in team fights. - they will have complete objective control I will address the last point. When someone DCs and the teams have unequal number of players active, after 3 minutes of the DC, baron and dragon would be disabled (their spawn timers would still tick in case the player comes back). This way the team with all players couldn't abuse the fact that they have complete objective control, take all dragons and a baron and then easily close out the game. This would give the team with less player a small fighting chance. Especially since there won't be any sieges with baron buff. If the team with less players scales better, they would still have a chance to win. Leave your thoughts on the subject below.
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