I just want to ask a short question. Tank meta was more then often a problem. They are easy to play so everybody can pick them up and carrie with them. So i can understand that True-Damage and Percentage-Health-Damage are a good way to give Carrie-Champs/Heroes in Mobas the opporunity to hit back hard against Tanky or Durabil Champs. But there is 1 thing that i dont understand about two Champs. Vayne{{champion:67}} and Fiora{{champion:114}} are both ment to be a hyperlate game Carrie , 1 as a Melee Fighter and the other Ranged Marksman. And so its good to give them Percentage-Health-Damage or True Damage to let them be strong in Late-Game. Thats not the Problem to shutdown every Champ even Tanks easily when in Late-Game ,but the problem is a tank/bruiser or every other Champ has "not" even 1 thingor has the opportuniy to Guard themselves from damage that they cant decrease with Health and Resistances or Damage Reduction. Maybe im to offensive as a "Tank-Main" but i really want to hear the oppinion from other people about Percentage-True-Damage. Ps: Sorry for bad Englisch PPs: Why dont give them both(True-and Percentage-Damage) like Camille{{champion:164}} as an Example
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