Yorick is broken as hell.

Today, i played a game of Summoner's rift 5v5 (Ranked). I was playing with my duo-Q, and we stumbled upon a Yorick. We were winning the game. Our team score was 35 and their's 21. We had a major lead. But we couldnt help but notice that a Yorick top-lane, could 1v4 our entire team. He had 9 kills, our Fizz had 14(my duo). We had a Lucian that was really fed aswell, with 13 kills. YET still, Yorick was un-killable. We tried numerous times to engage him, but it never ended well for us. He was healing tremendously and with just TWO damage item's he was doing more damage than Fizz and Lucian. I would like to say that we played the game PRETTY well until Yorick showed up and ruined us. I mean we could do ABSOLUTELY nothing. Our team (Fizz, Xin, Mundo, Lucian & Gragas.) Their team (Ekko, Warwick, Yorick, Jinx & Veigar.) In future game's i will ban Yorick, he is obviously hidden op. I was sure we had this game, but he just couldnt die. He was like an ADC and a Tank mixed together. Unbelievably overpowered and i would like Riot to look into it. I useually NEVER make any forum thread's but, i thought that this was so brain-dead that i just had to get it out of my system and get other people's opinion on him. (If you have played against him recently.) I would also like a Rioter's opinion if possible. Yorick's item list. (Corrupting Potion, Black Cleaver, Ninja Tabi, Spirit Visage, Death's Dance & Sterak's Gage). Keep in mind he single handedly won the game, and we could barely kill him. Gyazo link for info. https://gyazo.com/cd193044cd0287936d768c6c6b0a2b1a {{sticker:zombie-brand-mindblown}}
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