Draven is fine and Lucian needs a buff?

That's apparently the thought process of riot right now. I mean, granted, Lucian just got an expensive skin and he is S-tier in solo queue, so I understand why they are buffing him, $$$ hint hint. No but really - Riot is only concerned about pro play and there we don't really see Lucian, ergo buff. Draven on the other hand, he is absolutely busted and that's fine? If it was just a patch or two I wouldn't care but he is in this state since MSI, or even longer if you want to count all the time before that where he was pretty darn good (but not busted). Addressing the real issue is too much to ask though, right? The reason scaling and crit ADCs are popular in pro play but utter trash in solo queue is because the two scenes are entirely disconnected, something Riot claimed they wanted to avoid for years - but never have I seen such a difference in play style. Solo queue is pure assassin with some bruisers mixed in and all about early game - basically no one plays pure tanks. Meanwhile in pro play we see heavy tank compositions - which of course favor scaling crit ADCs who can deal well with tanks, so much so that Vayne mid is actually picked (extreme case, because MSF had basically 5 tanks, but also exactly my point). As long as solo queue and pro play are THIS different (there were always some major differences, just not to this level) I just don't see a world in which the game is somewhat balanced for both sides and instead we see champs that are super dominant in one scene getting buffed even further.
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