Hello fellow summoners or hopefully some riot workers , im writting this to ask you for a Europian server of PBE. I am asking for this because i feel like the europian community is huge and getting a server to engage them in testing would be wonderful. I am writing this because many "OP" champions make it through PBE and it is affecting us and makes it difficult to win those bronze promos. Champions such us mordekaiser were released really "OP" and it is very suprising because everyone is expecting to be patched and not "broken" to the point of taking longer brakes from the game because of the state. This isn't an issue of its self however there isnt only one case where champions have been broken and not fixed for long amounts of time. Also there are many of those champions which makes it impossible to counter them or simply ban them in draft. Please riot games , I am sure that many **EPIC GAMERS ** will be happy about that and will appreciate it by helping the balance team spot out mistakes and issues. Yours trully, Fortnite_God_123 {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}}
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