Playing as a ADC (early game/mid game Build)

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Hello there :) Well i want to talk about items. Items in early game as a adc. I want to ask what is the best build, first 3 items. I've been trying as a adc with xayah and other adc champions starting with item with (Youmuus+Boot's of speed+Infinity Edge). This is my personal build for almost all adc champions. But i've seen many adc pro players starting with Infinity Edge and Boots of speed and then Phantom Dancer or items with attack Speed. Also i was thinking going early game with youmuus it gives you damage and armor pen. and it is really cheap item and you are little bit ahead than the enemy ADC and then you build infinity edge. So what you think guys? What items you start building 3 first items as a ADC? (not included Ezreal or Kogmaw they have differnt build). What you think about starting Duskblade or youmuus as a first item? IM NOT AN ADC PLAYER SO THATS WHY IM ASKING. IM STILL LEARNING BOT LANE. IM MID LANE PLAYER BTW. IM LEARNING ADC AND GET STRONG IN MID GAME CUZ ALL ADC IN LOW ELO ARE MOSTLY BAD. {{sticker:sg-ezreal}}
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