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Mordekaiser is the new reworked failure ! Some people played him top or mid ( as i did ) now you just can't play it especially because of W ( it's useless without an ally nearby ) , Q now is "empowered" but you can't really damage 1 enemy with that 3 hits , and E is a bit slower and of course R's range is seriously disgusting ... I LOVED the time when i went mid with the new Morde and enemy attacked me , i thought "ohh okey i got the shield i'll just attack him too" but then i realised that the shield is filling really really slow and gives the opponent the clean start to kill me first ! The only good from that rework is that you can take dragon as a "minion" but only if your team kills the dragon ! So with that rework Riot wanted Mordekaiser to be more playable , as a support , they said ! Support has to Stun Slow or Heal something like that , only W gives adc speed and if you are too close 2x Damage , Q and E are completely useless because if you use them you wil steal your ally's kills or minions , so this champion is not good even for what he made for ! As i said before with the new patch you cant go top or mid anymore , and if you do you will end with more deaths than kills and assists combined ! Riot wanted Mordekaiser to be more playable , a few people played him as top and mid , now no one will ever play him as top and mid because he can't be played like this , support seems to be the idea that failed to come true so the point is that they made him UNPLAYABLE ! A few people liked and respected old Mordekaiser , and you reworked him to the WORST level ! I really want to bring old Mordekaiser back , but from my point of view that is something that can't be done. I want to know if we can do something to remove that update or something like that ! Thank you guys for hearing me , i want to hear about your opinion for the new and "improved" Mordekaiser !
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