LF jungle duo - ex top 500 player

Heya, Ive recently started ranked again and just to make it a bit easier im looking for someone, preferably a jungler to duo with. I can voice and im quite tilt proof, and id like you to be so as well. Im a midlane main and i play a handful of champs but mainly spam Vladimir. I finished season 7 around top 500 but havnt played ranked seriously since. I grinded a few days in season 8 solely for the diamond rewards but id like to climb some more this season. Im starting late as i hated the matchmaking and bugged lp early season. Im currently 4/1 in placements due to a coinflip game sadly. Im consistent and in both s7 and s8 ive had about a 60-70% winrate on Vladimir. I dont check the boards that frequently but ill try to keep an eye out for anyone interested, otherwise feel free to add me in game (Dropping a comment down below helps me recognize you if you add me in game). Cheers! Edit: Keep in mind that while i have not played ranked i havnt taken a break from the game itself, so its not like i have any catching up to do, if thats your concern :) Ive also linked my previous stats from season 7 where i made my climb, as well as my Vladimir performance in season 8 where i simply went for the diamond rewards. Edit 2: Finished placements 8/2 and am now diamond. Season 7: https://imgur.com/1goVWve Season 8 Vladimir: https://imgur.com/fcPFi5U

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