Message to all players who play non support champs as support?

I would ask you who play non support champs at support role like {{champion:99}} ,{{champion:54}} ,{{champion:106}} ,{{champion:76}},{{champion:10}} ,{{champion:154}},{{champion:161}} etc... to at least get {{item:3401}} for tank or {{item:3092}} for mage and for both {{item:2049}} as must have.What you do is to follow recommened item list and you lack gold since you don't take farm and we have useless tank or mage.If you're ahead you can maybe get {{item:3190}} for tank and {{item:3222}} for champ who can heal allies but still you must focus on getting tanky items for tank and otherwise you won't be able to soak up damage and for mages you should get ap items which increase mana pool and cdr so you can spam skills more and have mana for harrasing,cc and savng your adc.It makes me crazy when someone don't know to build for support when playing champ which can serve as support but it don't have main role supp.
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