Rito matchmaking sucks

Okay so a lot of my past matches, ive been getting very bad teams, for example an Annie mid who feeds the hell out of her lane and builds GA as her first item, a kayle jungle who fights with the entire team, does 13k damage in a 40 minute game and throws the game by fighting elder dragon while she can see the other team standing there. Then ive had a maokia who builds first item thornail, and i keep getting this, it keeps happening, and ive gone down from silver 3 series to silver 4 0lp because i keep getting the lee sin support and talyia support who go 4/20 (legit look at my match history, you will find that, its recent) I just keep getting these shitty teams who keep dying all the god damn time, who keep building the wrong items and go o/34789 Okay i know pople say "oh you gotta carry" "oh you gotta get good" But wtf am i supposed to do, my last match, i will liss into zed, because tbh who else can I pick without getting fucked? so their jungler keeps coming to my lane and their top laner keeps coming to my lane, and all make me use my ulti so i cant evne roam and i will get an amumu who will die and its not his fault its your fault all the time. Im just fucking done. I checked lolskill a lot of times it used to say always like 50/50 but now its like your team has a 40% to win while theres has 55% ..... and i always get, oh first time fizz, she isnt that hard right? rito pls/....

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