when will riot actually learn from their mistakes

The last 2 years almost all of the champ releases were so %%%%%%ed and so broken and riot just doesnt learn from their mistakes. they got an overtuned kit with way too many free shit. look at zoe: she gets a free summoner spell every 20 seconds, and than she gets a shit ton of movement speed, and EVEN MORE damage. and she also has a passive thats basically a %%%%ing sheen. than we got neeko, way too much base damage, a huge shield, a long ass snare that can go through minions AND champions. a shit ton of AOE damage. Akali. why does she have a stun? why does she have healing? WHY CAN SHE BE INVIS TO TOWERS? it just doesnt make sense why should she be getting so much free shit and than you look at a champ like annie, Annie P: a stun every few abilities Annie Q: Single target damage ability that is good for farming. Annie W: An AOE damage ability if you stand too close to her Annie E: More resistance Annie R: A bear that you can cast that deals damage on impact and damage overtime. its so basic and than you go to the latest releases with so much dumb bullshit. i'd rather fight S3 Kassadin at this point. Note that i have only mentioned a few champs, we still got shit like: Eve, irelia, Kayn etc... And if a champion just got released, DONT HAVE THEM BE IN RANKED FOR THE FIRST 2 WEEKS. it can ruin your elo. but i can already see people commenting on this post: why dont you just ban them? i got 1 ban, not 10.
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