I actually didnt ... like Solo Q

I know a lot of you will disagree but i actually didnt like solo Q. I couldnt play with my friends and moreover there was a mess with the role selection 1.Some people (like me) went with pick order no1 picks what he wants no2 one of the rest etc etc BUT the last guy had to pick what remained and most of the times i dont think they liked to pick this role 2.Some people went with the "I said first" something idiotic for a ranked queue or even for normal 3.DynQ saved us from fightings and curses and end-game reports or trolling and feeding in game BUT we dont respect that because like always we focus on the negative aspect of the things Thats my opinion because i heard and read that the majority of players wanted Solo Q back . Well i guess I am not in that majority Cheers {{champion:157}}

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