Just a little reminder...

DynQ is a huge success. Everything works as intented and there is nothing to worry folks. AGAIN a game of 5 solos against 3 + 2 premades which doesn't happen according to riot or atleast only one out of a 1000 games. Well that's not true. Apparently since DynQ u are also able to Q up with plat- diamond friends as gold 4 (renekton) and get your ass carried. Same with Gold 2 and plat 3 elise and yasuo. To reach platin again now i don't need to handle the occassional flamer, feeder, afker, braindead boosted player only but i must also be able to defeat a premade team with a diamond skill player. GREAT. I hope the usual suspects will come to downvote me and defend their precious system, the only way to get out of their bronze elos. And yes i did win my lane but there was no need for renekton to win his lane. Yasuo and botlane just carried him.

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