Can riven get some sort of QoL change?

I enjoy playing Riven, but sometimes she just feels outright clunky if you dont have super human animation cancelling skills, and lets face it, there is definitely a difference in trying to animation cancel on riven than it is on ADCs or with the likes of talon. Riven always feels stunned after her W is cast Its rewarding to have champions with high skill caps but I dont feel it should come at a cost of fluidity, which is why I feel RIven has been so difficult to balance as people who are great with animation canceling completely destroy with her, which has the double negative of making her unpredictable. If her abilities had a shorter animation where she would auto right away it would give her a more seamless feel, and allow for better balancing of her ratios. In her current state, riven struggles versus champions that she should have a relatively easy time with and consistently finds herself harassed out of lane. SImilar champions, like Irelia and FIora, dont seem to have those same constraints due to reliability and consistency in their kits. This isnt some QQ, buff riven type of thread. I simply think her autos and abilities need some reliability so that she may be utilized in more matches and balanced appropriately.
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