Suggestion for Riot's communication with the player base

One major reason people feel like Riot's communication (and balancing) is poor is the lack of directly (and often enough) addressing ideas that seem like "obviously good changes" from many players' perspective that don't get implemented. As an example, lots of players think Akali's shroud shouldn't last so long. It gives her unique identity, but a 5-second shroud is more than enough to do that. Similarly, why isn't there a max range for her second E? (Perhaps someone has explained why those are bad ideas. It's just an example.) The ideas might actually be bad—maybe Akali absolutely needs a 10-second shroud and global E dash. But when the frustrations persist without explanations, it makes the frustration worse. Suggestion: Post a list of changes the community asks for and explain why those changes aren't made with each patch (or maybe just once a month).
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