New Aatrox is good stop complaining.This is how to play him (posted it already on NA)

I hate listening to people complaining about new Aatrox,like its meant to be instantly good at the champion.I just got lvl 7 on him with 100k+ points and i find his kit very fun and op if used correctly.When he came out i was at plat 5 0 lp and after 25 games im in promos for plat 3 with 64% win rate. Its fun how people are used to riot making op champs so when ever some what hard champ comes out they all say its under powered.People were saying GP was bad just because he had different kit.And also since when so many people care about Aatrox?If you truly care about this guy then play him and try to master him first.Im already at the point where i know how to team fight and solo carry games.If you dont trust me check me out at OPGG NinjaBarrel EUNE server.Now ill give you some ideas how to play new Aatrox: 1) Runes - I always go Electrocute + Sudden Impact + Eyeball Collection + Ravenous Hunter(this one is a must) + Bone plating + Chrysalis 2) Early game- Aatrox can win lane agains the most champions,if your enemy is poke type champion than take {{item:1054}} and if duelist type of champion than take {{item:1055}} .Dont use your q for farm but for poke when ever enemy tries to farm,if your 2nd q is about to expire use it so even if there is nothing to hit because you will stay ready for fight with 3rd q and once it expires cd will be low for 1st one again.Take Tp but you can try ignite if you pref all tho i didnt try ignite yet.If enemy is at 50-60% hp you can try to all in them if they are far from tower,start by poking them with 1st q, try to hit it without your e,if you hit do e and then w after he is slowed by w position to do 2nd q, you can use your 2nd e here becouse if you hit he will get pulled and 3rd q is easy to hit.If you lend those 3 crit strikes he will be almost dead + electrocute , few auto attacks should be enough to take him/her down(count on your passive aa 2, aim to fight when cd on passiv is about 8-10 sec since q will make it up very fast).Keep bullying and you should be 5/0 in no time :D. Use your R to tower dive/all in or to escape gank. 3) Build- I tried all combinations and i found that {{item:3074}} and {{item:3812}} work the best as core items since they work well with E passive and Ravenous hunter rune(you will be healing more then Darkin kayn).Boots and the rest of the items depend on enemy comp. {{item:3065}} is really good if they have even 1 ap in the team since it helps with the heals as well.Also {{item:3053}} is good as well 4) Mid game- Just keep pushing top and farming,also pressure enemy so he/her cant farm and get back to the game.Dont stop till you get 2 towers or if your team is having hard time.If your team needs your help after you kill or make enemy back walk to bot/mid (where the fights usually happen) and engage with R>E>W>Q>Q>AA>HYDRA>E>Q. Try to take all the aggro since you cant die with your R up,than {{summoner:12}} to top to def tower and keep pushing top. 5) Late game(Team fights)- Try to caught enemies off guard with your e w combo, if you hit properly they will have to Flash,if they dont follow them with your q so they cant walk away, result should be kill so you will team fight 5v4 or take easy objectives or the team fight will start,in that case use your R and start charging to enemy back line with your 2nd E and 2nd and 3rd Qs (+ flash if you have it). 2nd scenario is to 5v5 / 5v4 team fight. Again engage enemy with R>E>W>Q or R>E>Q>W>Q. You can also use E>Flash>3rd Q for engaging 6) Combos- Usual combo is is E>W>Q>Q>AA>HYDRA>Q again as in the mid game section use E if necessary to position 2nd q because your 3rd q will be easy hit if chain pulls. 2nd combo is AA>W>Q>Q>AA>HYDRA>Q (again use e at will to position those Qs,but here is best to use E at first Q so your chain makes you hit 2nd Q and use 2nd E for 3rd Q for sure hit + extra damage) 7) Tips- Never use E for extra damage ( for example you fight with AAs and use it just for extra dmg) use it only if necessary(low hp fights with AA).E is used to chase down enemies with E Q combos / E W combos Thanks for reading till the end and hope new Aatrox treats you well in solo Q.Have fun and stop complaining :D. Ask question and flame me in comments.
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