Honest Thoughts on Aatrox and Suggestions on how to fix him

Ok heres the deal, This Aatrox rework needs way more work, hes too damn slow, coming from a person who has played and mained every single champion in the game at some point in time (except Rakan & Shaco) I can say Aatrox is what I can only describe as high risk almost no reward character and heres why. His **PASSIVE** STATIC COOLDOWN: 25 _INNATE: Aatrox's next basic attack gains Range icon 50 bonus range and deals 8% - 16% (based on level) of the target's maximum health Attack damage bonus physical damage, capped at 400 against monsters. Enemy champions are Mutilated for 3 seconds, reducing all Heal power and shielding on them by 40%._ Deathbringer Stance's Cooldown reduction icon cooldown is reduced by 2 seconds when Aatrox casts an ability or hits a champion with the edge of The Darkin Blade The Darkin Blade._ Ok his passive is so damn weak and its cool down is way too long for what you get, it dont even scale down with level even if you use your abilitys you will be waiting some time for it to come up and what annoying is it applys on minions which makes it almost useless in lane. **Suggestion:** Make the passive not apply on minions but still apply on monsters while each basic attack reduces its CD by 1 second as well as abilitys **Alternative Suggestion:** The bonus %hp damage heals you for its damage (30% effectiveness on minions) His **Q** _ACTIVE: Aatrox swings his greatsword in the target direction, striking enemies in a line. The Darkin Blade can then be reactivated twice within 4 seconds, with the second cast refreshing the timer. The second cast strikes enemies in a cone and the third in the target area._ Ok, just throwing it out there, Aatrox's Q is slow as hell, its easy to dodge and even if you hit it, it does moderate amount of damage for its difficulty to land (especially against Gold+ players who know how to side step and dodge skill shots) **Suggestion:** Increase the cast speed of the ability by at least 30% **Alternative Suggestion: ** Make it so Aatrox can still move at a reduced speed while casting his Q and increase its base damage by 20 His **W** _ACTIVE: Aatrox smashes the ground in the target direction, creating a chain that stops on the first enemy hit, dealing physical damage, doubled against minions, and Slow icon slowing them for 1.5 seconds. If Infernal Chains hits a champion or large monster, they are chained to the impact area. If the chained enemy is still in the impact area after 1.5 seconds, they are Airborne icon dragged to the center and take the same damage again._ Now I dont have much to say about his W, I mean its OK I guess the only thing I got to say is its slow is too low early ranks but other than that it actually a good ability Only **Suggestion:** Increase its slow by 5% in total His **E** _PASSIVE: Aatrox Heal power heals for percentage of the post-mitigation-physical damage he deals, with a 33% effectiveness against non-champions. ACTIVE: Aatrox Dash dashes in the target direction, gaining Attack damage icon bonus attack damage for 1.5 seconds._ Ok his E just feels it supposed to do more, its passive is fine other than the fact that all his ability's is AOE so you why get 33% of it but thats fine as it still apply s on AAs. its Active tho it feels empty, its dash is the shortest dash in the game and its AD gained is active for a very short duration you can either do 1 AA and its gone or 1 Q and its gone, unless you can utilize its 2 charges and Dash AA then Dash again and Q and so on its just feels like an empty ability. **Suggestion: ** Rename it from "Umbral Dash" to "Umbral Bash" Passive the same ACTIVE: Aatrox Dash dashes in the target direction, If Aatrox hits a enemy champion the enemy is briefly (0.25 seconds) knocked back and Aatrox gains 10%/15%/20%/25% bonus attack damage for 2.5 seconds_ His **R** _ACTIVE: After a small delay, Aatrox unleashes his true demonic form for 12 seconds, fearing nearby allied and enemy minions for 3 seconds, and for the first second gaining bonus movement speed. While transformed Aatrox gains increased size and (20% AD) bonus attack damage, refreshing the bonus movement speed when out-of-combat with champions and turrets. Aatrox generates Blood Well equal to 15% - 50% (based on duration) of his maximum health over the first 10 seconds. Taking lethal damage revives Aatrox over 3.25 seconds, during which he is untargetable, and is slowed by 25% and consumes the Blood Well to recover the same % amount of Health_ With his ult I do think its fine as it is, the only problem I have is its bonus movement speed being disabled if in combat with champions and turrets the reason I have this problem is his Q leaves him mostly stationary as you can not move while you cast Q as well as almost every champion in the game has a slow or a dash even with Aatrox's E dashes it does not close in much space between you and an enemy. **Suggestion: **The bonus movement speed granted decays over the duration of Aatrox's ultimate (12 seconds) and is not stopped or removed by being in combat with enemy champions and turrets Thank you for listening/reading ladys and gents
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