support item changes couldve been better

i can understand why riot changed sightstone , that item was a burden on supports in general because of its low gold efficiency but while you solved one problem you created another one the item actives that they removed were really good and had nothing wrong with them so i dont see why they did this , i can deal with the removal of frost queen and talisman ( since i usually use the sightstone version of them most of the times ) but face of the mountain is another story . i've been playing support role for 3 years now and and i cant even comprehend the number of times face of the mountain has saved an ally that item was well balanced and healthy and very usefull and today when i played without that item i felt like am handicapped , i was doing less than i was before the patch even though i have 1 more free slot now , there was situations where i simply couldnt save someone because i didnt have it since sometimes {{item:3190}} and {{item:3107}} arent enough . please note that am not saying that frost queen and talisman are useless , they are useful but am discussing face of the mountain since i find the most satisfying and gold efficient item of those 3 items we already have few support items and making them fewer doesnt make any sense we should have more versatility in support items not the opposite TLDR : what i think riot shouldve done is make those three items a stand alone items like {{item:3190}} {{item:3107}} and separate them from the gold income items and then continue with thier plans for the sightstone rework , and ofc with some tweeks here and there

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