Yes, there is a time when the jungler needs to take a break from farming.

* If you play a kill-dependend carry jungler like Kha'Zix... * If the enemy botlane pushes, and the support didnt even bother to buy a ward (Hint: Tab tells you that)... * If the enemy jungler is busy applying pressure... * If an enemy is spotted by wards in an exposed position without apparent backup... * If your team is preparing a play that could result in a kill and objective pressure... ...and you decide to visit Krugs on the other side of the map instead, then you are not an asset to your team, you are a burden. I read SO MANY threads about junglers complaining how they are not respected by their team, how they are constantly pinged for help, and so on. And yes, sure, alot of that is from players using you as a scapegoat for their mistakes. **But all of it?** If you CONSTANTLY experience that, its statistically unlikely that they are all just "toxic", "salty" and you are the good guy who is just misunderstood. If you get that CONSTANTLY, then most likely the fault is in your playstyle. Look at the minimap. Look where the team is, look what the opponents are doing. And then think about where you are right now, what you are going to do next. If the answer is "I am just gonna take Gromp" when the enemy toplaner is splitpushing and your CC-heavy, but low dmg toplaner is pinging for help, then your answer is wrong. If your answer is "I am gonna take redbuff" when the enemy adc is exposed on botlane and dragon is about to spawn in 35 seconds, your answer is wrong. And guys: The purpose of redbuff is not to speed up your farming. If you have redbuff, then USE it. You just aquired an incredibly powerful tool to make a play. If you use it to slow down the raptor-camp, then congratulations, you gave up that advantage. I could say a lot more about this. I could point out that the jungler is not excluded from warding, on the contrary, his freedom of map movement makes his warding ESSENTIAL. I could point out how important it is to secure the river crab. --- But I guess I made my point. If you don't agree, don't have to, but then you have NO RIGHT to complain about your botlane going 0/3 next game, when their botlane has pressure, doesnt even need to invest in vision and has a 3rd guy supporting their plays, while you are busy PvEing in a MOBA. Nevertheless, whether you agree or no, I whish you all the best for your games. -frantic
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