League of legend meta and balance is worse than ever ( in my opinion and for me at least)

So I've kept track of the last few games (+ 20) and noticed something. I want to address the games in league and some champions. 1. The games lately feel 1 sided. It does not matter if I won or not. If I win games feel too 1 sided. Same goes if I lose. 2. You are not allowed to play for fun and win. You either play whats meta or you don't stand a chance. Does not matter how skilled or good you are at a champion. And now comes the big problem. The champions released/ reworked in league of legends the last 2-3 years are not fair. Let me explain. Most of them have some sort of invulnerability , some sort of dash , shields heals true damage or % max damage. It sound alright does it? Well some champions have all of those. Champions like an anti-assassin assassin should not exist (kayn). Champion like anti-assassin adc should not exist (xayah). They are not broken right now but they have the potential to be. If they are nerved they (by they I don't mean only xayah and kayn) can still be ok. But if they are buffed they are broken or at least very strong. Let's look at 3 champions that are old but ruined because of the new ones (there are more). Garen , cho and nasus. Garen got his E buffed to shred armor. The abilities the champion has are very strong individually , OP I would say , but as a combo they suck and they can't compete with modern league of legends champions. Nasus got way to many buffs but still is not meta. Why? His kit sucks. He is strong beyond belief. His E got buffed from flat armor shred to % armor shred (good for scaling) his Q got buffed over and over to give more stacks. Why ? he can't stay in lane and stack vs modern champions. His ult gives him a huge amount of armor and halves the Q cooldown, and does % max hp magic damage. It's easy to get to 500-600 stacks with nasus, even so he is not good enough for modern champions. I'l talk a little about cho. His E got reworked a while ago and does % max hp damage + flat damage. What happened after the rework? He was strong. Now where is he. He can stack tons of hp with his ult. And he has good sustain in lane due to his passive. Yet he is not played. Recently I noticed 3 champions to be extremely broken on toplane. I see them very frequently. One of them being morde. Why is morde so good? simple He has 4 passives + good scaling + good laning + good sustain + good damage + no mana. Hmmm... Passive 1 and 2: His passive gives him 2 things auto attack damage and % max hp damage (aoe). Passive 3: the shield from his W that he stores. Passive 4: magic damage penetration (His E). Let's compare his E to darius e. Both pull enemies and have penetration and have the same cooldown. On top of that Morde E does nice damage and has more range and flexibility to use the ability. What does darius E have and mord does not? Well mana cost clunkiness and a shitty slow. But still why is morde so good? Well. He has no mana , he has the freedom to spam his abilities in lane as much as he wants. He got pushpower from his Q that has low mana. If he gets you with his Q you take extra damage. He is basically a lane bully. That's how it feels. He is an insane 1v1 champ (makes sense because of his ulti) . He is also a good teamfighter because of his passive. I've played mordekaiser top for the first time just to see is it that easy and strong. I'm gold 4 , and my answer is yes. The only reason I didn't smash lane was because I was ganked over and over and I literally refused to ward or to play safe just to see when morde loses relevancy . The second reason I didn't smash lane was because I was against a ryze played extremely safe and he gave up farm just because. Even so I was grossed out by the stuff I could do. Even tho we lost the game. Another champion I think is very very strong is aatrox. I could see arguments why he is not strong or not that strong . But my counter argument is : I played aatrox for the second and third time in my life. And smashed lane and I don't know how to play the champion. All I did was trying to hit my abilities and farm. Indeed I was not against meta champions but still I literally played like a braindead person. Just spam spam spam. And because I have no mana everything worked out. I died few times because I didn't know he needs to get a takedown to have GA ulti. Other times I just forgot to use ulti while fighting. The second game I took a bad build path ( GA , spirit visage and was working on black cleaver) on purpose to see if he is still strong. Reasons why I think aatrox is strong : has no mana , very very low cooldown on his Q and E , high damage , and a lot of sustain. Once I played swain top , feed my ass of against an aatrox and when I focused to dodge his Q's I noticed he killed me without hitting me with the first and second Q with the tip and center on the third. The second thing I noticed was he just heals up all the damage he takes. And the third thing that bothered me was his very low cooldown on his Q. He was feed , fine. But A feed darius would do irelevant damage with his Q against me if he would not hit me with the edge. I banned only riven in ranked the past 3 years and her Q is still more balanced than aatrox's. What if riven could CC you 3 times with each Q? The last champion and the most braindead one is Tahm kench. He is a tank that does damage. Let me type it again. He is a tank that does a lot of damage. I won lane with tahm when I played him just because he is tahm. Not because I am good , not because the opponent did mistakes or is bad. When I played against tahm he killed me not only once, more times in more games, with less than 25% hp and me being 100% hp. To be fair I have played tahm before but as a support. When I played him these days in toplane all I did was lv 1 walk up to the enemy toplaner and hit him. If he says kill him. And I did this over and over. If I hit my Q once in lane that's my chance to get a kill. In a 1v1 I think tahm does not lose against any top champion right now. (In my gold 4 opinion) Why I think tahm is broken right now: You just build tank and kill people? that's it. There is more than just that. His Q costs 50 mana and does 80 damage at lv 1 and 280 damage at max lv. There is no mage that does 280 base damage at max lv ( I didn't look at all mages ). At max lv he has a 4 second cooldown . If he hits you once you are done because he also has a huge slow. Let's compare his ONLY Q to lissandra's: Lissandra and tahm: lv 1: 70 damage --- 80 damage lv 5: 190 damage --- 280 damage ap scaling: 70% for both mana cost: 60-80 --- 50 at all costs Slow duration: 1.5 sec - 2 sec type : aoe - single target slow ammout: 16-28% --- 50-70% Tahm Q is better in almost every way possible. Other reasons he is broken: his W does % max hp damage. On top of that it also does flat damage. The % max hp damage is very very high and the flat damage is not bad either 60-240. But what makes it innsanely broken is the 10 second cooldown. His E grey health helps him stay even more in lane. It does not matter how bad you are with kench , just talk up take a trade even a bad once sit back and your grey health heals you a little bit back ( a little more if you take the right resolve runes ). With the numbers kench has he is almost unbeatable in lane 1v1. High damage as a tank. Damage scales of off tank items. He has good utility. Who does not like to have a beefy tank in his team. Sustain in laning phase and also he has nice utility. The stuff I would nerf at these 3 champs Morde: Remove his innate passive and his magic pen from his E. Or his damage from his E. And I would increase his Q cooldown by at least 2 seconds at all levels. Aatrox: Increase his Q and E cooldown at all levels with at least 2 seconds and give him some sort of cost to his abilities health or something. And he gets no heal from his e if he does not hit you with the 'sweet spots' from his Q. I would also take some damage from his Q that is not 'from the sweet spot' and I would buff his ult to have a GA when he activates it. Tahm : Q cooldown 10 at all levels and/ or Q damage from 70-240 (max). And last but not least W damage to be current hp damage and not max hp. **What are you thoughts on this topic? I am open to any explained counter argument. Nothing wrong if you play these champs. But it is something wrong with riot because they exist . All I sayed was my opinion and the numbers I pulled were facts. I am a gold 4 player and I do not care about ranking up, shortly because I don't really play this game for fun, but because I can socialize with a friend.** _Can't wait to play Team Fight Tactics. And to ditch league of legends._
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