Truly %%%%%%ed design.... 75% true dmg??.

Who in the hell created the true dmg bullshit in LoL??. last fight now, vayne alone dig 1800+ true dmg to me.... ..on %%%%ING AUTOATTACK!!!!. Yi did 1300+... (and also had Bork +8% hp dmg). Are you completely %%%%ing %%%%%%ed at Riot??. True dmg is the same as pointing finger at your enemy and "%%%% YOU ASSHOLE i have the winbutton, i have true dmg and you can not counter it". There is absolutely NO point what so ever now to even try and go bruiser/fighter/tank. Because to do that, you have to buy armor... and sacrifice your dmg output..... but, since 75% is true dmg now or more... it is pointless. With the %%%%%%ed new runes... it is all about maxing dmg to get maximum true dmg to hopefully explode the enemy faster than you explode. %%%%ing %%%%%%ed game design. and dealing around 2 k dmg true dmg... on %%%%ing autoattacks!?!?!?!?!?!...... %%%%ing hell.... you are not just %%%%%%ed.... you %%%%ing set a new record of being %%%%%%ed. Vayne is impossible to play against now. Yi is also pretty much impossible to play against now with the %%%%%%ed true dmg bullshit. (and some other insane champions, it is so clear that you did not think for one second with this new bullshit) Will you %%%%%%ed game designers ever see the gigantic error and stupidity flaw that you have created and fix the game???. or will you just make it worse. Like someone said: "you need some sort of intelligence to understand that you are stupid". and it seems that you idiots at riot are far under that level of requirement..... and i can point in the %%%%%%ed re-designs of champions you made to prove my point.. and the new %%%%%%ed true dmg bullshit. If you want a hint on how to fix the game??.. it is very easy.... just remove all true dmg bullshit....True dmg should not be in the game to begin with...(because you can not balance it). and add a new item or two to deal with the armor tanks. Right now, you can not counter some champions at all, because they have....... true dmg bullsshit.
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