do Yasuo need a nerf?

So i have a friend that mains Yasuo and i've seen him make plenty of penta kills, so i thought to myself that i would try him out. in the first few games i got 2 penta kills and 3 quadras! coming from an bronze scrub like me. (i had 2 penta's before i played yasuo). the thing is people tell me he is weak early game, but i destroy most champs with him. vs leblank i just wait for lvl 6 and ult = kill. his passive is extremely OP mid game because of that crit chance. i feel like the only thing that kills me is tower shots or ganks since i think he lacks get aways. ( he can only dash to enemy units), but most of the time i end up just killing both ._. i just wanna hear your guys thought on it? i definitely think he should. never had so many evil grins in one game before XD
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