Am I the only one who liked some of the pre-rework champions better? + question(not ranting)

So if you care to read I'm thankful. {{champion:98}} I loved his Q healing. His ult shield was bigger pre-rework. The passive was really good, especially when coupled with a full tank build + {{item:3078}} Was an actual counterpick for Pantheon, Riven and other annoying champions. No maybe you didn't end up with kills, but you wouldn't really die either. Shen was too tanky/sustainy in all parts of the game so killing him wasn't an easy task when doing it alone. {{champion:8}} Better damage amplifier on ult. E couldn't miss unless the enemy was out of range + the damage could be stacked. Q always had a fixed damage, now it's all about the stronger cast but it literally screams "RUN AWAY ENEMY CHAMPION, I'D DEAL A PLENTY OF DAMAGE WITH THIS" {{champion:42}} That passive was everything + Corki overall feels like he deals less damage with abilites too now. Was the ult and stuff nerfed or has the meta/itemization changed that hard that he is naturally weaker? Pre-rework passive was awesome. Early game it helped you with last hitting + it helped w ur trinity force powerspike, because you'd outrade most of enemy adc's not only because of how well you synergized w trinity, but because your aa-s did naturally more damage than most of the adcs. Late game sure, you falled off, but the passive still was something. Always had 400+ ad w full build meaning that a 40+ true damage addition is really good. **My question:** Why were those champions reworked? What didn't Riot like about them? I really liked them the way they were so I'd like an explaination.
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