Can I have my Ezreal back, Rito? Guys, are you even looking on statistical sites? 167 Ezreal 46.28% Morgana 50.06% D 45.61% _-2.53%_ 0.63% 37.24% 16,855 159 Ezreal 46.28% Blitzcrank 51.94% D 46.88% _-2.14%_ 0.70% 18.50% 18,569 Every damn lane of Ezreal has **NEGATIVE SYNERGY**. It means that picking Ezreal practically not only makes your play worse, but also makes worse play of your support. It's so great opportunity to reconsider Ezreal scalings. Because with score like 10-0 every other ADC literally oneshots everything, while Ezreal just "feels OK".
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