Okay, complaining doesn't help so...**Guide for Supports: How to play with a Mordekaiser bot carry**

**CLARIFICATION:** This is not a guide if you want to support AS mordekaiser, this is a guide for supports who are unfamiliar playing WITH mordekaiser as botlane carry. Welcome people! Sorry for the lame formatting, I am doing this quicktime. --- **Introduction** After having some difficulty explaining to my fellow teammates that I am not a Troll, and yes this works, and no we will not suck mid/lategame, and yes I can carry with this...and so forth and so forth, and after opening one or two threads where I QQed about people who are apparently unable to read patchnotes (or understand their meaning), I thought I could actually do my part to solve that issue, so here it is, the guide to morde botlane carry for supports. --- **FAQs* _"Does this work?" ; "But we need adc!!!!??!?"_ Yes it works, oh, how it works. No, you don't "need" an adc. There is no win condition in LoL requiring that. What you need, is a guy on botlane, who can deal tons of damage and carry teamfights with said damage. Thats exactly what Morde does. And btw. if you absolutely want an ADC...Morde can get you one :-) but more of that later. _"WTF relic shield? You said you ADC!!!"_ No, your eyes do not deceive you. Mordekaiser starts botlane with Relic shield and 3 healthpots, at least thats the most common start, and in my experience the one that works best. The reason for that is 5-fold: 1. Mordekaiser uses health as resource for all his abilities, so extra heal is always great 2. Mordekaiser is a melee so the shield works on him 3. Mordekaisers W gives him great synergy with his support and an experience bonus, the double income of relic shield empowers that further. 4. Morde benefits greatly from shoving early on, and leveling fast 5. Double gooooooooold! _"But Morde is an AP mid/toplane!!!!"_ No he isn't, not any more. Read the 5.16 patchnotes. He is now supposed to be played on botlane. --- **What to build, What to pick** Morde works best with a tanky, engage heavy support. Leona, Braum, blitz, tankThresh, Taric (taric, omg that is such a good lane!!!!), Alistar, Tahm. In short, everything that can go in without dying in a few seconds, and possibly provide CC, is great news. You start with relic shield. That way, your lane has double-relics which means. you shove fast, you heal A LOT, and you have incredibly high gold income. Wanna get rich fast? Support Mordekaiser :D (I should trademark that line ^^). After that, get sightstone, or if you get early fed, sightstone and upgrade relic. Morde will shove, permanently, and he is all about jumping into the enemies face and engage hard, so **vision is paramount.** --- **What will Morde do in lane?** Morde will usually max his E first. This ability is a short-range cone AoE, that damages everything in the target direction. like all of mordes abilities, it does magic damage, even tho it scales fully with AD. At level 2 he will (if he knows what hes doing) take his W. This ability doesn't cost him hp, and he can only activate it on an allied champion or his soul minion. (see below). When he sets it on you (about 1000 units range), you see a circle around yourself. If you run towards mordekaiser, you run faster. If the circles touch, they empower and do magic damage. This tool is great for chasing, going ham, escaping, repositioning, clearing waves, etc. Use it and don't waste the damage it does. His Q is his main dmg source in a fight. It empowers his next 3 melee attacks with increasing magic damage. This is very important: The third strike does INSANE amounts of damage. When morde engages a target which has relatively high hp, don't worry...he has the damage to back up his move. Don't chicken out. A very important thing about morde, is the passive from his W. He gets UNDIvIDED XP in lane, meaning, even tho you get as much xp as you normally do, he gets the same xp as if he was solo in lane. That means, he will hit lvl 6 before the enemy, and thats very important, because His R is a DoT on the enemy, which also empowers him for the duration. It does %hp magic damage, and if the target dies during that time, he gets a full hp soul-minion of that target. That means: If that annoying Vayne engages, and you kill her, YOU HAVE A VAYNE for almost half a minute. You just made this 5v5 into a 6v4. The soul minion has all passive abilities of its original, all its stats, and empowers mordekaiser while its aktive. --- **Why does morde always go for dragon** His ult has a hidden passive: If he attacks the dragon, the dragon is being debuffed. If the dragon dies by his team while debuffed, Mordekaiser ENSLAVES THE DRAGON. Meaning: The ghost of the dragon follows him around and heeds his commands. That thing is insanely strong, and tanky enough to take turrets...and Mordekaiser controls it. So i morde goes for dragon: FOLLOW HIM. --- **Whats my job in lane?** 1. Survive the first 3 levels 2. Engage Mordekaisers biggest weakness, is his complete lack of CC, and his low mobility. He makes up for it with his high dmg output and downright broken shield passive. Your job, is to enable his magic to happen. Go ham, if you have a chance, go engage. --- **How does the lategame go without a ranged carry?** Same as the laning phase. Mordekaiser requires you, or his team to initiate for him (hes not that different from ADCs in that aspect), but he allows you to go much more ham. Lock down a priority target, which he can then ult and quickly destroy. Once that happens, the TF is as good as won. Again, his Q damage output is absolutely bananas, so have no fear of engaging under the turret. --- that's it. This champ is not only not a trollpick, it is actually so broken strong, that I expect Riot to nerf it very very soon. If you have doubts, watch a few videos, learn what he does, and next time your ADC surprises you tith picking the Master of Metal, don't freak out, pick Leona, pick relic shield, and have fun. See you on the Rift Summoners :D frantic
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