Does anybody think that the champion/items balancing are fair?

Hi All, I am always upset when I see a new patch notes, it is always like: which champion I am stopping to play this patch. The nerfs are always too strong in my opinion. I don't get why they nerf so much any champion that gets to the top 10 win rate. I would love to see the game well balanced and every champion with 50% win ratio, but the way they balance it seems to me just a rotation of viable champions that they randomly pick. Every nerf/buff could be more subtle and gradual. I see how AD lethality champs are doing well and could use a small tuning, but there are so much champions and masteries nerfs on the way and tank class update, with probably buffs, i bet assassins will become crap in the next patches. It is ridiculous how anything that starts to work well is nerfed so much. Does anybody also feel the same way or is it just me?

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