Pyke players with Aftershock.

Can you stop playing your champion. Like legit, You gain 35 more armor and MR for 2.5 sec when using aftershock. "Best rune" it's not. Also why are some Pyke players still building duskblade first item??? Are you all stupid or something? Building an item that doesn't benefit anyone unless you are in a 1vs1 which you should never be. Get Electrocute, Build Yommus/Umbral and freaking win the game through those items. And stop being so freaking toxic every game you play in. People go like "I'm 12/10/0, me soo good at champion, hur hur hur". That's a freak D- score on Pyke. If you want a game on Pyke where get an A grade on that champion, get a 14/4/20 with him. That's at least my AVERAGE score with him. Good games are around 20 kills, 1-3 deaths and 10 assists with 100+ vision score. For hell sake, some Pyke players get NEGATIVE vision scores while YOUR adc has 20 vision score and these Pykes got 10. I can rant all day, how much I hate Pyke players who are toxic and think they are good. "Hur hur, but I got 12 kills with this champion, while yew on alistar got 0, hur hur hur". I am a Pyke player myself, but I get legit super triggered when I see a Pyke behave like this. The way I act in game is more like "sorry, it's ok, wp and GG". Could these stupid Draven mains go off my champion. Edit: I went off-track with the topic, sorry.
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