Some thoughts about elemental drakes and RNG

This preseason, elemental drakes will have an even greater impact on the game as the third one transforms the map depending on its element. This got me thinking: shouldn't Rito do something about the RNG (randomness) of the drake spawns? A specific element may favor a certain team comp more than others. One thing I came up with was elemental eggs. The idea is that elemental drake eggs are hidden in brush and if you find an egg you like, you can bring it to the drake pit to get the next drake to be of that element. Maybe you could bring two different eggs to the pit to make sure drake is gonna have one of those two elements. Perhaps you could stop the enemy from bringing an egg to the pit by killing them. I'll leave the details to Rito. Do you have other ideas about how players can determine/influence the element of a drake? Or do you think elemental drakes should be chosen randomly?
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