Broken Champs are too easy too op

Like the tittle says broken champs are easy..I mean riot nerf zed,yasuo,gp.This champs requires skils seriously but they never nerf lb or yi or rammus or diana etc..Maybe you say o no diana can be killed lb can be killed not at all believe me.Last game against lb and diana they was same team lb was 0 kills diana same 0 kills.Until the min 25 they where like 0 4 -0 5.Reach late game GG the dmg of lb bigger then mine as gp(and im gp) even bigger then rengar that was fed too..Just reach late game fiora destroy evrything diana 1 shot killed even darius easy peasy.. and darius was full tank i mean seriously riot..Why always nerf skiled champs and never nerf this easy broken champs..Why?? I really wanna know why you do this..Easy champs are not easy to outplay not at all..Even if they got 0 20 in 20 mins they just farm reach late game and gg..example yi or jax or even diana..Seriously its a reason that you always nerf this skiled champs..Annie easy champs too.. 1 q 1 ult even if is not fed the dmg is real.. and with yasuo that need some skils even fed you can die easy..
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