Season 7 and Bronze V

Dear Riot and the Community, I am Bronze. This is a simple fact. Whether I deserve to be there or not according to Riot is somewhat irrelevant. Now after an intense struggle last season I made it out of Bronze V and up to Bronze III. Still pretty measly and not considered at all recognizable I know, but when put in perspective it was a position I was justly proud about. As my placements commence I am optimistic and hope that Riot would appreciate a struggle such as mine. I know I am a very small fish in the widespread ocean that is the League of Legends community and took this into consideration. With a fairly even placement rating of 4 wins to 6 losses I will admit to being mildly disheartened when I was rewarded with a Bronze V badge and a pat on the back from riot. Despite the setback, I was determined to repeat my previous accomplishment and only lost one game after winning six and was put into a series. This is where my story now takes the turn expected. I lost 6 straight games. Disheartened, diminished defeated I turned to penning this open letter to you. In none of these games have I been in a position that could be considered 'feeding' aside from one game in which I was auto filled and my preferred Support was taken but a consistency in my games has been a team mate responsible for losing lane or feeding. This is not me saying it is said team mates fault that we lose the games as I am fully aware that I could've helped more in some way to contribute to them having a chance in lane but that would've been at the risk of jeopardizing my own lane. But I digress, I have held my own in lanes against platinum and gold players when playing with my brother and his friends and find this distressing as they are sometimes three whole tiers above me. To summarize I think that the ranked system is flawed and that the higher up you start, the larger the advantage you have. I highly doubt this will be read but would be delighted to receive a reply that either supported my view or completely contradicted it and prompted a debate. Yours sincerely, Felix E Bronze V Summoner: oelliott
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