Adc role is in the fragile state...

Since the hard nerfs on Lucian back ago the adc role was in good state,but now i think this new tank meta makes the adc role more fragile than ever. And i think it all came from when Riot nerfed Bloodthirster and forced us going this IE+Crits meta where we have more damage,but less survivability and less sustain. So right after the BT nerfs,the assasin role in the midlane became more popular and super strong(such surprise) with the rise of {{champion:84}} {{champion:55}} {{champion:105}} {{champion:238}} etc etc.. When the assasins finnaly gets nerfed,then this tank meta champions with cinderhulk junglers came making the squishy adc role in the unhealthy position.They have tons of CC chains,retarded early game tankiness and enough damage to go 1on1 with the adc.Yes,in the assasin meta we could burst assasins very fast,but they could burst us in the blink of an eye.But this meta is also nightmare,we dont have enough dmg mid and late game to take down tanks and they could easily isolate us in teamfighs,not to mention when they have 2 tank bruisers in the game and the assaisn in the midlane.Such fun for the adc very wow... So i think it is the time that RIot should give us back the old Bloodthirster with the old staking AD passive,not this current garbage BT,or some other compensation to the ADC itemwise,that will help us to do our job in the game and not to be usseles... Also to mention that the tank items are cheap and cost effective where for example, i need 4000 gold to build just IE,where tanks can build Randuin + 2 components of thornmail for that gold.So instead Riot can also increase the price of the tank items and nerf cinderhulk item to make this game balanced again..
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