Balancing teams to PLAY RATE & Division

If your like me, you've noticed that players have different play rates. Some of us are grinding 6 hours a day, some of us are grinding an hour a day, some of us only play once a week. These players should never be matched together because it creates a conflict no matter what elo you are in. A person playing 6 hours a day is going to have more knowledge of the game. But because of the new ranked climbing system since season 5. Its more focused on a team game. Balancing a game just through ranks is good if it was a solo person game but because this is a team game. Having the community split up with average play rates AND what division you are in would make more sense rather than just having the rank system which would also reduce the amount of trolls in games because it would make players stay on there main account to be able to get good consistent games. So the people which are try Harding don't ever get a game which is lost by a person who plays once a week and dont play the game that often. This is my view on how the ranked system would relieve toxicity and also increase playtime on solo accounts rather than having multiple. This system would also show boosting circumstances more reliably too because you'll be able to see peaks in peoples climbs and how much they played to get there and if any accounts show a sudden spike then they can be flagged and watched. Thanks for taking the time to read this guys and i would like to get this up voted for the developers to see this because i think balancing a game off play rates and divisions in such a competitive environment would make this game a lot better and may bring back the love of the game rather than just the addiction.
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