Ranked: AFK's Players Forfeit LP

We've all been there. You've played 3 or 4 games of Ranked, and every game, one of your team AFK's or simply plays for a few minute then gets Disconnected. First time: It's annoying. Second time: It's a joke; and you've been "Unlucky" by riots standards. Third Time: You are bleeding LP at one hell of a rate. What is there in place to support the players who have stayed, who have tried their very best to fight in uneven odds. Essentially, you've queued and used your time and effort for nothing. It's draining and there is nothing you can do about it. So I propose that LP from the offending player(s) so be forfeit to those who actually finished the game. I propose that an additional 1 or 2LP goes to every other team mate, softening the blow. So if you quit, and the other four play on, you lose an addtional 8 (4 x2lp). I don't know, but it feels as if more has to be done to curb the amount of game droppers. What do you think? If not this, how can we make to hit less hard on those who persistently play to the end?
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