Cerebrum the Protecter of Ionia (Champion Concept)

Cerebrum the Protector of Ionia Role: Support Passive (Meditation): Nearby allies who are under 75% Health will regain 1% of their maximum health every second. This effect does not count for himself. Q (Spirit Link): Cerebrum shoots a purple chain in a chosen direction (Passes through minions and monsters). If it hits an enemy champion it deals 10% of the champions maximum health as magic damage over 5 seconds as long as the champion stays in range of Cerebrum. If it hits an ally champion it restores 10% of the champions health over 5 seconds and gives the ally 10% extra Armor and Magic Resist for the duration the link lasts if the champion stays in range of Cerebrum. W (Mana Well): Cerebrum creates a Mana Well that lasts for 1 minute. Allies can step on the Mana Well to destroy the Mana Well but restore Mana to the ally equal to how much mana the ally has left. _(Combo): If you use Spirit Link to an ally and the chain passes through a Mana Well it restores both yours and the ally's mana but still destroys the Mana Well. If you use Spirit Link to an enemy and the chain passes through a Mana Well, the Spirit Link stuns the enemy but the Mana Well will not be destroyed._ E (Celestial Barrier): Cerebrum creates an area with a barrier around it. All allies within the barrier are immune to spells. The barrier lasts for 5 seconds. _(Combo): If you create the barrier so that there is a Mana Well within it, the barrier also restores mana to all allies within the barrier over time._ R (Last Stand): Cerebrum creates an area around himself that follows him around. The area lasts for 6 seconds and increases the movement speed, health regeneration and mana regeneration of all allies within it. It also deals damage and slows enemies within it. Quotes: Champion Select: "I am the everlasting guardian!" Movement: "Let us go!" "Our land will not fall today" "The right choice!" "We advance!" "Onward!" Spirit Link (on an enemy champion): "Your mind will fade away!" "A brainless can not win battles!" "Your spirit is mine!" Spirit Link (on an ally champion): "Let me mend your mind" "Keep your calm" "Let your mind be soothed" Mana Well: No quotes Celestial Barrier: "Stand vigilant my brothers and sisters!" "Keep your ground!" "I will protect you!" Last Stand: "This war will be won!" "Do not give up now!" "Move forward! For Ionia! --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- So what do you guys think? :) I spent half an hour making this so please leave your comments below and tell me what you would change about the champion. The reason i haven't put in Mana Cost, Cooldown and Base Health and alot of other things is because i'm not that good with making things of that nature. Also there is a poll below where you can put a point in whether you think the champion is OP, Balanced or Underpowered :).

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