my idea for a new rune tree

critical overflow ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- --------keystone rune 1 over burst, should you kill an enemy champion all damage that was over the nessesary dmg needed to kill the champ gets added to the next ult you use (1 sec of damage taken after death basically / or full damage of skill used, specifically for dots and trigger abilitys such as ludens) lets say you are kayn, you kill somebody with w he had 100 you deal 300, next ult does 200 dmg can stack up to a cap that is based on ad / or ap/ or hp ( i leave the scaling up in the air on this one ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- --------keystone 2 final burst after reaching 30% hp through dmg from an enemy champion or epic monster you gain 5-15% bonus base stats for the time you are in combat ( basically like steraks or maw) ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- --------keystone 3 hard shot you cap you*re attackspeed down to 1.25 ( cause reasons,) ( so this replaces the maximum attackspeed of 2.5) ( basically doesnt work for jhin and graves) and transfere the rest into crit damage ( like infinity edge) ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- keystone 4 legendary dragonslayer dragonbuffs give 50% more value each dragon slayn grants 1.5% maximum base ability cd reduction ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ lower runes could be stuff like -----critical vision, the lower you*re hp is the more vision you gain on all wards you have ------ honey potion, you start with 150 gold less, but gain the honey pot potion it refills every time 1 unit you walk over at least 2 pieces of honey fruit or in fountain ( can be upgraded to corrupting potion with the same refill effect) -------energy hammer, getting healed by an ally while full hp is possible and will result in 20% of that ammount beeing dealt as bonus magic damage, on the next auto or ability --------rabadons death socks while walking FASTER then ( base movespeed + tier 2 boots ) gain ghost ( ignore unit collision) -------spiritual journey dying leaves behind a soul orb that can be picked up upon returning to it. granting a 10% max hp shield for 1 minute( cant stack with itself) ------- trap hunter killing a trap or ward will reduce REMAINING trinket cd by 50% ------- turret hunter ( kill or assist) taking down a turret will heal for 30% maximum health and 10% mana ( for all the risky plays to get a turret) ------- epic hunter, ( kill or assist) taking down an epic monster will grant you 1 BASE mana and 1 BASE health regen per second -------- judas contract you gain after 3 minutes 4 minion dematerialisers which can ONLY be used on you*re own minions it wont give you gold, but it will increase max hp by 25 ( minions must be above 55% health) ------- FULL POWER for each 25% health you have more then you*re BASE hp, you get 1,5% dmg reduction now these are just some ideas for runes, <.< kinda want to make them situational, or make then work a BIT different at times. you wont like em all or even any, but if you like some, or you got one yourself tell me. bonus rune i just came up with keystone pacifistic energy beeing close to an enemy champion and NOT dealing damage to it will charge a bomb above that champion this bomb will charge faster the close you are to that champion ( you need to be so clsoe that as eve or rengo you have to be visible while in camuflage) this bomb will critically strike if it reaches 100% ( 15-5 seconds cd per target, on the outer limit it will take roughly 8 seconds to charge right next to the champ it takes 3 seconds) dealing 70% ap OR 120% ad base damage on activation, gets triggered through ANY source of damage you inflict

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