Venykhaar, the darkin slaughter

Venykhaar Champion Concept Spotlight
This is finally the next champon concept spotlight, with Venykhaar. Hope you enjoy
Hey there. I just finished my concept for well Venykhaar and made a little champion concept spotlight. For everyone that is interested in it: its the link up there as you might have guessed. For those who dont here is the short version of it. Passive: Increases damage against lowlife targets + every ability gains bonus effect if enemie is under 25% max hp Q: Deals damage and stuns for a short time. With passive higher cc ratio and a lot of dmg is turned into true dmg W: Passivly heals you if you deal dmg to enemies that are marked with your passive. Activly fire´s a projectile that deals dmg and wounds enemies (wounded: Less ms, as, dmg if they are low on hp) E: Bonusmovementspeed while running towards enemies. With passive also cc-immunity R: Passivly you can dash (like ekko e) to enemies that are marked with your passive. Activly marks all enemies infront of you in a cone with your passive Of course that´s a very short form but you get the idea More detailed information in the video so....just watch would really help me xD Thx anyway

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