Champion Concept, Zeela

I have reworked this a bit now: **Name:** Zeela, the cursed one **Role:** Assassin, Fighter Is melee and uses mainly ap and deals high magic dam but struggles to get her full power. High skill cap. **Faction:** Ionia, Black Rose **Allies:** {{champion:98}} {{champion:84}} {{champion:85}} {{champion:7}} {{champion:238}} **Enemies:** {{champion:86}} {{champion:50}} {{champion:60}} {{champion:8}} **Appearance:** Female, 17 years of age, long and black hair, pale skin, 5 ft 9 inches in height, uses katana in her right hand for a weapon belonging to Shen's father (given to her, not stolen), blue eyes, wears red and white shirt that cover her body but not her arms with 2 tears in the back and black bottoms and black shoes, she has 1 black angle wing coming out of her left tear in her shirt and her right one torn off which she cast out another wing of blue fire but can not sustained (comes out when using ult), black dragon birth mark on right wrist. **Lore:** **Part 1** "Who is she?" "What do we do with her?" "She is with them, we should kill her like the rest!" "She is also young, she is weak enough to kidnap." This is the 1st thing in my life I remember. I was 4 and it is blurry what I saw but I remember Noxian soldiers debating what to do with me. "Leave her to me." a scowling voice appeared. "MASTER SWAIN!" and that was when I meet my dread, SWAIN. "Move aside, that's an order soldiers!" Swain was demanding of them "Yes Sir!" "Little girl your special." his voice getting more menacing. "How would you like to come with me?" I froze but I had no choice, I blindly followed him with no alternative. Swain brought me to Noxus and it was there were by body be came cursed and destroyed. We headed to the Black Rose. He brought me in front of the one I would grow beside in my childhood, LeBlanc. "LeBlanc attention!" he ordered her like he did everyone. "Yes you magisty." she spoke unlike the other, she was not afraid of him. "I have a special subject for you." swain looked at me with his percing eyes. "Is that so?" she questioned. "Little girl, tell her your name." he demanded of me. "I'm... I'm Zeela." I stuttered I the 1st words a remember speaking. "No need to be afraid Zeela, I'll be looking after you know." she said reassuringly. I smiled as she took me away from that demon of a man Swain. I grew up with LeBlanc, she was like my mother. She took me under her wing. Yet that would not be that only wing she would take me under. I was now 8. Swain barged in to the room. His plan for me was about to unravel. "LeBlanc is she ready?" he stood along with many guards by him. She looked at me sad "Yes, she is capable of it now." "SEIZE HER!" suddenly guards took me and I screamed and begged for LeBlanc to help but she couldn't. Swain took me into an area filled with magic, there was a circle of strange makings on the floor. "PREP HER!" Swain shouted. The guards the striped me and chained me to the floor. "No more delays, are you ready?" The questioned the mages of the Black Rose. "Yes your magisty" "Then do it already!" he demanded and with that it started. I screamed in pain for hours on end waiting for it to stop until I finally passed out. I woke up not knowing how long I had been there. Something felt strange. "How do you fell?" Swain asked as he stood over me. It was blurry but I looked to my sides. There where black feathers around me. I was still in chains. "Where did these feathers come from?" I asked Swain confused. "There yours." He spoke happy. I stood in shock not understanding what he had said. "Release her!" Swain demanded the servants. I stood. The feathers followed me. I rose my hand and brought one to my face. 2 black wings where attached to me. I started screaming in shock. Swain started laughing at me. "How does it fell, girl?" he smirked "What is this, TELL ME SWAIN!" I screamed begging him to tell. "Leblanc will explain, guards take her back." and with that I was a fallen angle. **Part 2** Swain returned me back to my home. LeBlanc was waiting for us to return. "Did it go as planed?" LeBlanc asked hopefully "See for your self." Swain said with a smirk. I emerged from behind, my wings stretched out. LeBlanc looked in shock "Guess it did work then." "I'll leave her with you then." with that Swain left. "Zeela, are you ok?" LeBlanc asked in concern "Wha... What has happened to me?" I asked still in shock and confusion. "You know how your special? Well we thought that would make you a go subject to make stronger." LeBlanc said hoping I would understand. "I keep hearing that I'm special but over these 4 years no one has told me why." I wanted to know once and for all why they wanted me. "Zeela." LeBlanc started. "Look at your right wrist, see that mark. You have had it since you were born, right?" I looked at the mark on my wrist, I have had it as long as I can remember. This mark was black and in the shape of a dragon. "Yes." I responded. "That mark is what makes special, it shows a strong decent." LeBlanc exclaimed. "LeBlanc?" I started to question her. "Who are my parents?" She stood silent for a minuet. "I can not say." she finally spoke. "It is best you get some rest." and with that she walked away and never answered my question. I was 11 now and today would leave a scar on me. "Alright maggots!" Swain started "Today we will raid the 22nd Demarcian out post." Swain laid out the plan and commands to all of the soldiers. "LeBlanc?" I went to ask her. "Yes?" she responded. "This is my 1st battle, what do I do?" I asked "Don't worry, this is a small out post and most of them are out or patrol." she said calmly. "And with you power you will be fine, you are good to use that sword right?" They had given me a Noxian sword, I had some experience in swords but they wanted me to work on flying and using small magic as well. "I should be fine to use it." I responded. "Good and don't worry I'll protect you." LeBlanc reassured me. "OK." I said not knowing what was to come. "Alright then, it is time to siege there base." Swain exclaimed. And with that we marched to the 22nd out post. We heavily out numbered them 4 to 1. I was surprised at my self, killing simply happened for me. It was a blood shed for anyone that meet me. It didn't know what I could, was this what I was special for a weapon. I had taken down 20 within the first few minutes. About half an hour later there was a sound. Reinforcements. There was a lot but not enough to out number us, however they had some of the elites come. Among them, Garen. I ended up facing him thinking him to be like the rest. I was no match for him. I charged at him but as soon as my sword meet his it broke. He flung me to the ground with ease. I was face down on the ground and I tried to get up but he stomped is foot on top of me. "You dare oppose Demarcia!" he shouted. Then he grabbed my left wing. "You will pay for what you have done." and with that he pulled with all of him might and in a few seconds he riped out my wing. "AAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHH!" I screamed in extreme pain worse than anything I had felt. He then began to grab my left wing. "Hands of her!" I heard a voice, I looked to my side and there was LeBlanc. "You dare oppose me." Garen let go of my wing. He went to strike LeBlanc but with fail. She appeared behind him burst him down with magic. He stood back up and looked around, he knew they couldn't win this. "Retreat!" he declared, an with that we won. I lay there bleeding in pain with only 1 wing (insert picture here). "Zeela, are you ok?" LeBlanc looked in shook as she witnessed me bleeding on the spot. "I'm so sorry." with that see carried me back to the Black Rose. We arrived back. The pain still unbearable. "SWAIN!" LeBlanc spoke surprisingly to Swain. "How could you let her go out there at this age?" "She didn't die, it's just a wing and as long as she has 1 she will still remain with the fallen angle power she just can't fly anymore. She will still be of use but I fill like she need some training." he said reassuringly. "You don't mean..." LeBlanc paused. "Yes I do, now take her to Ionia you know who to see." Swain then walked away without another word. "Zeela can you walk?" she ask. "It hurts, but yes" I responded. "Then lets go" and with that we set off to Ionia. **Part 3** After a weak we had finally arrived. My pain had finally healed but my wound never closed properly. We approached a mysterious area. "Let me do the talking, don't say anything." LeBlanc warned me. We walked further and then we meet a shadowy figure with his back turned to us. I was scared. "Who is there?" the figure said in a deep voice. "LeBlanc of the Black Rose". she said with confidence. Then a shuriken came out of no where and barely missed us. "I HAVE NO NEED FOR YOUR KIND." he shouted. "Now get out of my sight." "Zed." she spoke his name as he rised to face us. "I think you will be more than interested once you meat her, Zeela show him the mark on your right wrist." Zed stared at me with his menacing eyes. I showed him the dragon mark. "WHAT!" he exclaimed. "Where did you find her?" "That's not important." she spoke with power now. "What is important is will you train her?" Zed turned away in thought. "Does she know?" he asked LeBlanc. "No." she responded. He paused. "Fine." he finally spoke. "Zeela, you will be training with me for awhile." "Well." LeBlanc began depressed. "Goodbye Zeela, we will see each other in the future." and with that she left and I watch her leave. "Well then, lets begin." and with that Zed began 6 long years of training. I was 17 now. I had grown. I become stronger, faster, smarter. That little girl was now gone. Today was not like the other days. In the middle of training Zed came up to me. "Zeela, you have a visitor." Zed said. Was it her? Was LeBlanc finally back! I was excited only to have my hopes crushed. It was a mere Noxian messenger "Zed is she ready?" "If you mean for battle, then she is capable." Zed responded. "Well sir I'm hear to take her back to noxas" Zed looked at him with his menacing eyes. "Is that so, well I best come with you then Zeela. Don't you think?" "Yes of course." I said without hesitation. "Let's go back then. You want to LeBlanc don't you." Zed smiled. "Deffently!" I said excitedly. We headed back to Noxus. I knew what was instore, a war. I heard preparations going on back in Ionia as well. But I didn't care LeBlanc was like family to me. After a weak we could see Noxus. "Well Zeela." Zed said depressed. "It's time for me to go now, this is good bye." "What!" I said I shock. "You can't stay?" "This is no place for me." Zed said unfortunately. "Now listen Zeela." Zed began. "These are my last words to you. This war is your chance at freedom. In battle on the opposite side there will me a ninja like me by the name of Shen covered in twilight clothing. Show him your dragon mark if you want the truth." and with that he was gone. I entered Noxus only to be greeted by Swain. "I hope you have trained, girl." he stared at me with his deep eyes. "Trained enough to not be called 'girl'" I spoke with strength. "Looks like you have gotten stronger, good." Swain smirked. "Where is LeBlanc" I demanded. "LeBlanc? Haven't heard that name for a awhile." Swain said in thought. "WHAT!" I was shocked. "Yes, she has been gone for 5 years now. No one knows where she is. Disappointing though, she was one of strong ones." Swain said annoyed. I stood there blank. "Well let us get ready for the war now." There was now an army of tens of thousands of Noxians heading to Ionia. When we arrived we headed to the battle filed to be meet by the Ionian soldiers. The Great Ionia war had started. I slashed through enemies with easy, searching for the one they called Shen. I questioned them all to find him. It was and hour through battle and I was still searching. It was then I saw 3 ninja fighting off swarms of Noxians effortlessly. They where not regular soldiers. "Are you Shen" I asked. He looked at me suspiciously. He holstered his iron sabre and drew out a spirit sword. "This ones dangerous, leave her to me." he said to the other ninja's. Suddenly he came to attack me. I dodged to the side near missing it. "Wait!" I exclaimed. "I'm not hear to fight." He continued to fight. He wouldn't listen to me, I had to fight. Are swords clashed, he fought well. "I have seen your fighting style before, who taught you?" he said curious. "Master Zed taught me." I answered. With that he rushed at me and drew his sword trough my leg. He removed his sword and I feel in pain bleeding. I drooped my sword and my wrist was now shown. "I will remove you if you are student of Zed." he put his sword to my neck. This was the end. "WHAT!" he removed his sword. "How do you have that mark on your wrist?" he questioned in surprise. "I've had it since I was born." I replied. "Come with me." he presented his hand and lifted me up. "AKALI, KENNEN! Were going!" And with that we left. Shen took me to the temple. I was limping form the wound but with Zed's help I learned how to heal quickly. Shen took me into a lone room with nothing but a katana in the middle of the room. "This sword belongs to my father." He held the sheathe of the katana. "Draw the blade from it's sheathe!" "Ok then." I looked puzzled at it and reached to pull it out. I pulled on it and revealed one of the greatest blades I had ever seen. "Ok, now what?" Then Shen came to hug. "Sister. I have missed you." "Si... SISTER!" I was in shock. "What do you mean?" Shen spoke "This blade belonged to are father, and it was made so only him and his descendants could could remove it from it's sheathe." Shen removed his gauntlet to show his the same dragon mark on his wrist. "You are one of his descendants." "Wait, WHAT?" I said in shock. "I know it is a lot to take in but I want you to take are fathers katana and join us." he said with joy. "But wait, where is are father, I have never known him and how come the sword is here." I questioned. Shen's joy went to sadness quickly. "You remember Zed?" "Of cause I remember master Zed, he was the one who told me to find you." I said "Well..." Shen paused. "Zed killed him." I looked in shock. "What... Zed wouldn't do something like that." I was in doubt. "I don't know what Zed told you and what he has left out but I have seen Zed's blood blade after decapitating are father. I have never been able to willed father's katana because of that day. Instead I want you to take it." I stood silent looking at the magnificent blade. "Shen?" I finally spoke. "Yes, sister." he replied. "I will join you. I want to kill Swain for never allowing me to my father." I made up my mind. "Welcome home Zeela. It is time for your true life to begin" and with toughs words from Shen my journey truly began. **The End** **Kit:** Passive, Secret Art; Basic attacks (on hit) deal an additional 10/20/30/40/50/60 (+20% ap) magic dam (lv up at 1/4/7/10/13/16). Each time you affect the passive damage to an enemy champion you gain a stack of secret art for 4 seconds (max 3) (this is displayed with a circle at the side of your hp bar the fills up). While at there stacks your next ability will be empowered triggering there secret art and consume all 3 stacks of secret art. While you have 3 stacks you heal for 50% of the damage done from this ability to champions. Q, Night Slash; Active: Slash at your current position dealing 70/125/180/235/280 (+60% ap) as magic dam and all targets hit are slowed by 30%/35%/40%/45%/50% for 2 seconds. You then you dash to the targeted location. Mana 90, cd 22/19/16/13/10 seconds, slash range 250, max dash range 700. Secret art: Slash without dashing at half mana cost and a 4 seconds cd cost (is also reduced with cdr). You heal for 50% of dam dealt to champion with this slash. W, Cursed Wing; Active: Gain a shield for 2.5 seconds that protects you form 50/85/120/155/190 (+30% ap). After the shield has expired or is broken, your next attack within 2 seconds attack with the wing dealing an additional 50/80/110/140/170 (+15% ap) magic dam to all near by targets and applies on hit affects again to the initial target (this applies last in you attack). Mana 40/45/50/55/60, cd 19/17.5/15/13.5/12 seconds, wing attack cleave range 250, (wing attack applies self affects). Secret art: Gain 13%/16%/19%/22%/25% move speed buff and 40%/45%/50%/55%/60% bonus attack speed while the shield is up. The wing attack damage is increased by 50% and the damage you do to the initial target with the wing attack is stolen. E, Dragons Wrath; Active: Reset your auto attack timer. Your next attack has 400 range and strikes an additional time dealing 60/105/150/195/240 (+30% ap), applying all on hit affects again and causing you to dash trough the target. The cd of this ability is reset if you activate the secret art of your q or w. Mana 50, cd 11/10.5/10/9.5/9 seconds, (this attack applies spell affects). Secret art: The range is increased to 600/625/650/675/700 and you gain 20%/25%/30%/35%/40% life steal and sleep vamp ageist champions on these attacks. The second strike will also cause the target to be silenced for 0.5 seconds. R, Cursed art; Passive: When you activate a secret art ability you gain a stack of cursed art for 15 seconds (max 3) (this is displayed like Annie's passive but the bars are purple). Each stack grants 6%/8%/10% ability power increase and 20%/25%/30% attack speed. Active: Can only activate when at 3 cursed art stacks. Consume all cursed art stacks to activate. For 3 seconds ignite your right wing and fly. While your wing is ignited you regenerate 100/150/200 (+40% ap) hp per second, increase your move speed by 20/30/40% and gain the ability to use curse. The duration of this ability and curse is reset on kills and assists ageist an enemy champion. Mana 150, cd 110/95/80 seconds Curse: Against an enemy champion: Steal 120/170/220 (+55% ap) hp from the target (dealt as magic dam) and cripple them for 2 seconds causing them to be slowed by by 30%/40%/50%, have the attack speed lowered by 20%/25%/30% and have their armour and mr reduced by 20/30/40. Self cast: Put your self into a frenzy for 2 seconds you gain 50%/75%/100% attack speed, 30%/45%/60% move speed toward enemy champions and 10%/15%/20% life steal and spell vamp. Mana 60/70/80, range 550. Base stats; Health: 558 (+87 per lv) Health regen: 7.1 (+0.6 per lv) per 5 secs Mana: 330 (+55 per lv) Mana regen: 6 (+0.8 per) per 5 secs Attack range: melee (150) Attack damage: 51 (+3 per lv) Attack speed: 0.625 (+2% per lv) Armour: 26 (+3.5 per lv) Mr: 32 (+1.25 per lv) Move speed: 340 Build; Starting Items: {{item:1056}} {{item:2003}} {{item:3340}} Early Game: {{item:3057}} {{item:3101}} {{item:1001}} Must Have: {{item:3100}} {{item:3115}} {{item:3020}} Offensive: {{item:3089}} {{item:3146}} {{item:3135}} Defensive: {{item:3030}} {{item:3157}} {{item:3001}} This is my concept, hope you like. Let me know what you think of it. Any feed back is good so feel free to say what is op, under powered and just right in this kit and if I missed something that needs to be there. I have had to change this a lot all ready so fell free to leave your thoughts. ^^
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