Idea: special bot game mode for smurfs

Bot games are the best (and at first probably the only) possibility for new players to level up to lvl 30. However, smurfs make it hard for newbies by flaming and insulting, stealing kills and depriving new players from any good teamplay experience. In my opinion there should be an extra mode especially for smurfs, which would bring the following advantages: * smurfs can play with smurfs, so they don't have to deal with players who have almost none to very little experience in the game and/or not much knowledge * smurfs can flame each other; since they are longer in the game already, the players are probably already used to the community and their frustration level won't be so high (depending on the person, of course) * newbies can get the "full" gaming experience, without anybody carrying the game in 10 minutes and leaving the new players with stats like 0/3/0 * newbies won't have to suffer that much from excessive bad-mouthed language and insults because they are new; they won't be as frustrated and will have more fun playing the game * newbies will get more experience, xp points as well as gaming experience, from the games, since (like mentioned above) they have the chance to play longer and more intensely This is only a suggestion, and it does have its flaws. How do you control that trolling smurfs stick to the extra mode? You could give them more xp per game, for instance, so that they level faster using the extra games; they know how to play the game, after all. But problems like that are solvable in my opinion. Thanks for reading this long text, have a potato everybody :)
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