how about making hide and seek an official game mode ?

i really miss playing hide and seek it was really fun and rarely someone trolled , i used to play it on a daily basis when ever i need to blow off some steam , when ever i get bored or just to have fun in general ARAM used to be a custom game made on summoner rift where all players just pick random champ and all go mid ( all random all mid ) and after it gained popularity and many people requesting it to be an official game mode riot finally made it and believe this should be the same with hide and seek i think riot should add it to the primary queues like ARAM or at least make it in custom games and i believe it would be easy to make just make the the hiding team deal no damage to the seekers so it prevents trolling ( same as overcharge mode when you are overcharged ) add old 3 bans system -total of 6 bans- ( i think 10 bans is too much ) and maybe change the dominion map a bit ( or ascension map you may call it )

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