Aspidis the Shuriman Theif

Aspidis the Shuriman Thief Role: Assasin Q (Tail Swing): Aspidis swings his tail around dealing damage scaling with Attack Damage and slowing all enemies hit. If you have stolen a weapon, deal 25% extra damage. W (Steal Weapon): Aspidis targets a nearby enemy and then causes that enemy to be unable to use basic attacks for 4 seconds. While the weapon is stolen, Aspidis gains 10% extra Attack Damage. E (Slithering Adrenaline): Aspidis gains 35% extra Movement Speed for 3 seconds. When that time expires deal damage in a cone in front of Aspidis. R (Locked Down): Aspidis stuns an enemy champion for 5 seconds. While the duration lasts, Aspidis has 20% extra Attack Speed and Attack Damage. Automatically steals the targets weapon.

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