Key Fragments

so i was talking to a tech supp and suggested an idea for the game, he (or she xd) liked it and said i should talk about it here. Anyways, i was thinking... the fragment Keys, you only get 12 per month,yeah? so, the problem is, not everyone can keep track of how much keys he earned during the month (im talking about the basic keys not the Hextech ones). My suggestion is to add a feature that tells you how many keys you received during each month. That would be very helpful to keep track of the keys earned and avoid a lot of people whining about the keys all the time. i know we can see how much keys we "currently" own in the Loot but, it doesn't say how much we collected during this month/how much we can still gain before it restarts and maybe if u like, how much we had in the previous months, i don't think the last one is needed but i hope you get the idea and put this in your consideration, it will be very helpful. Just like what u did with the Chests, we can see in the profile how many chests are available to earn and when we can earn a new chest. Thanks for your time! {{sticker:vlad-salute}} P.S: of this is the wrong board, advise me where to put it instead {{sticker:katarina-love}}
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