Suggestion / How to deal with dodgers after champion selection. Changes in client.

So.. everyone knows that it can take up to 20 or more minutes to start a game with so many people dodging. At the time I am posting this I am waiting since 30 mins to start a game, all because of constant dodgers. You are penalising though a lot of people who don't deserve it , while other people who deserve a harsher treatment get away with it. Example 1: Random dodger, while all rest have locked almost all their champions and have wasted enough time, dodges at pick 8/9 or 10... Example 2: Random troll pick bans another ones champion because he didn't get the role he wanted and the other person denied to swap with him, so he bans the champion he wanted to play with. Someone else decides to dodge because such behaviour is really problematic from start of the game. Example 3: Random troll picks any non-meta or says it in chat that he is going to troll for his role and then someone else to save all the rest the nightmare of playing with a troll dodges. and these are just some of the examples. My suggestion to you is: Once a dodge has been made, lock the client of all people involved like after a completed game and then use an equivalent system. Show the person who dodged the game to all rest. And then the rest can vote on what happened: Eg. Troll pick. Ban of teammates champion. Negative attitude in chat. No reason to dodge. Etc. So this way you will get to know if someone had a reason to dodge and why he dodged. The people who dodge for no reason or made troll pick or ban etc. should get a harsher treatment, like with ban, not only a timer. The people who dodged because of other trolls or other players behaviour to avoid a from start on bad game should not be penalised (this 2nd option could be otherwise better implemented by lets say a dodge vote button next to each champion for each player to decide if the game should start or not). In general, the fact is, that while the games in themselves have become far better since the new champion select method and client, the procedure to get into a game, has become really impossible. PS: The game finally started after 10 champion selections with dodgers. Thanks for your time.

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