When doing VGU, consider changing skin tier

Dear Riot, long story short i recently picked up {{champion:20}} and am loving him. Needless to say i've gotten into skin - buying mood, only to be crushed by your poor decision when making reworked sasquatch nunu and willump skin. The model itself is amazing, especially our ~~yeti~~ ..bigfoot, with nunu looking the part as well. But keeping his snowy ability animations completely breaks the immersion and is a complete mismatch with model's thematic making the skin no-buy for me. A brown sasquatch that lives in the forest should have earth/mud themed animations with some leafs in there for good measure (passive, leafs in the wind effect for ult). In my honest opinion it was a huge mistake to focus on what it was (a 520rp skin) instead of focusing on what needs to be done to make it cohesive and compelling. I for one would buy this skin for 750 or 975 rp if it featured skill animations that match the fantasy presented by splash art and the very good model itself. Heck even if you made these changes "for free", you would not walk out a loser out of such deal, since it would greatly increase skin's purchases both due to it's great quality/price ratio. Bottom line - please first consider what's necessary for new/reworked skin the be cohesive and appealing (which equals sales), rather then focusing on "nope, can't do that, too low price tier!"
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