Daily Quests, Aside from win of the day.

1 Quest everyday -Kill 300 minions -Earn 25k Gold -Get a Triple kill -Get 2 Double kill in a game -Get an S+ -Get first blood -Get first tower -Destroy 3 tower's in a game -Destroy Inhibitor -Kill 2 Dragons -Kill Baron Nashor -Achieve the Legendary title -Achieve the God like title -Achieve the Dominating title -Kill the rift herald -Destroy enemy Nexus -Kill 20 Monsters in the jungle -Ward atleast 15 times - Buy 4 Legendary items - Get a Pentakill Rewards could vary -Hextech boxes -Essence -Champion shards -Skin shards -RP100/ IP 100 -Skin Shards -IP boosts -Exp boosts etc.
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