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For a long time I wished Riot took a good look at his community and finally I decided to talk Hello everyone, coming from a fan of league and streamers but hates lcs at the moment, I wonder... why do worlds winners get skins for winning a tournament riot made but streamers who make the game popular and love the game 10 times more than anyone get nothing? I have a list of ideas for skins to be made. Also they would give this skin for free to streamers as a sign of respect and as a thanks for them! Here it goes: QUICK WARNING - The names suck, I am not creative at all but I tried just to exemplify what I mean Draven1 - Draven skin based on Tyler1 Vaynsu - Vayne skin based on Gosu Box Riven Box - Riven skin based on BoxBox Lucian in the TrashLand - Lucian skin based on DoubleLift Master Sep - Master Yi skin based on CowSep Trick2Dyr - Udyr skin based on Trick2G No name yet - Gragas skin based on Panunu Mad Rengar - Rengar skin based on NB3 ( rabia is Nb3´s real name and means rage ) Scarrarina - Katarina skin based on Scarra Heimerdonger - HeimerDinger skin based on Heisendong Poke-ori - Oriana skin based on Pokimane Yassuo - Yasuo skin based on Moe Algerian zed - Zed skin based on ll stylish Super VI - Vi skin based on Super Metroid Jakshinshin - Jax skin based on Hashinshin BladeForce Akali - Akali skin based on TF Blade RL Twitch - Twitch skin based on Rat irl Aurelion HUHU - Aurelion Sol skin based on Huhi RNG Vayne - Vayne skin based on Uzi with extras like UZI written on her back Apple Gragas - Gragas skin based on Woody Fruity Xin The One - Xin Zhao skin based on TheOddOne Jhiru - Jhin skin based on Emiru Dyrius - Dyrus skin based on Dyrus Lee pex - Lee Sin skin based on Gripex etc... a lot of content creators and league lovers deserve to be rewarded imo... Even if you dont make skins, at least a costum sound thing like the costum announcer pack but for champions based on the people listed phrases like trick2g´s screams xD Just an idea but I wish since it would give riot skins to do and develop, show love for streamers and have more interaction Tell your thoughts and discuss other ideas
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