Champion Concept: Dorris, The Grandma(ster)

[Official artwork]( * P: Whose gramma's boy? (/girl) Dorris binds to a target ally to be her grandchild, giving extra abilities * Q: Walking Stick Poke Pokes her walking stick in a straight line, dealing bonus physical damage and applying onhit effects. * W: Are you okay, pumpkin? Dorris takes her grandchild's side, removing all CC * E: do you want some pie or a cup of tea? Places a hot snack on the ground that can be picked up by allies to heal. Additionally, Gramma's boy also gets a shield for 3 seconds * R: YOU HAVENT EATEN?? YOU MUST BE STARVED! Without a quick snack from gramma, youll fall down the worm hole! Dorris takes 20% reduced damage while absorbing 20% of the damage taken from Gramma's boy for (10/12.5/15) seconds. For every 100 damage absorbed, Dorris bakes a pie (E) for allies to pick up.
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