a payload push or something like that 🤔

i got this idea for like ...... push payload (hextech overloader) that takes place in piltover that u are trying to push the payload from zaun to piltover as round 1 , round 2 do the opposite , round 3 who catches win or a normal aram like 1 direction map vertically , with nice VFX ans SFX i am rly sure this mode will be awsome as hell the round 1 will be like a map closed to Z shape verticalled to reach up piltover and the other map is like a H to reach down zaun but the other extra shapes grants like a monster that gives a buff that thay want to push the payload from the stolen parts from piltover to zaun which will make more sence if the map was more complicated than the 1st cuz the 1st is return stolen parts to reach the final Round 3 deciding the winner rather the parts are drove back or kept stolen confirming which team wins i know this took long but i wanted to demonstrate the Mode and map to you and i feel that if the dev teasm took that idea they will make a great new mode

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