Idea - Prestige Skins Summoner Icons

Hi, I would like to offer you something that I am sure that those who'd be interested don't mind, and I am talking about prestige icons. Of course not 100PP icons but icons to be put as a reward in the event pass or as an automatic reward when you get one of the prestige skins, both for ''flexing'' but also for showing off your main. As a main Evelynn, I would love to have a summoner icon to represent her but the only ones that exist are a chibi of the classic Eve (unfortunately legacy) and an icon of the Eve kda, but apart from the fact that I don't have the skin, it's the typical and ONLY icon that the main Evelynns use (and it seems too mainstream to me to be using it). It might seem like a selfish idea, but from my point of view it wouldn't hurt. Prestige Aatrox Icon - Ahri - Evelynn etc .. If you have cons about this, please tell why! We have academia icons, I don't see why can't we have also prestige ones ^^ {{sticker:sg-ahri-2}}

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