The Donger Dash!

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_This gamemode is played 5vs5 in the Summoner's Rift. Both teams will farm up for 15 minutes, after that everyone will go in Top lane bushes and do a countdown (3,2,1 GO!) before starting a race, the players will run close to the wall for the whole map and try to reach their fountain before dying, where they will be able to heal and buy and then continue the race, until **only ONE** player is left: **the Winner**_ **RULES** **Pre-15 farming** •Everyone will be able to farm freely, both in lane and in jungle (Drake and Rift Herald included) •Turrets can be destroyed •You can't attack the enemy team in any way •You can set up the map for the race, for example by placing traps or wards --- _At 15:00 everyone will have to go immediately in the Top lane, every team in their respective bush. Someone will do a countdown in /all chat and at the **GO!** the race will begin._ **This is the route every team will follow:** Start from the opposite Top lane bushes and then run near the wall for the whole race, until reaching your own fountain, where you will be able to heal up and buy items before continuing the race with the same route --- **The Race** •You will be able to attack and kill the enemy team in the midway during the race •**It is absolutely forbidden to turn back or to stop**, you have to keep running until reaching your fountain •You also can't turn back to chase an enemy •You have to stay close to the wall for the whole race •**When you die you won't be able to leave your fountain after respawning, anyway you can attack the enemy when they pass by** •The Race will continue even if an entire team has already died, so players in the same team have to compete **[THE WINNER will be who managed to make the most laps around the map](** --- **PRE-BANNED CHAMPIONS: {{champion:80}} Pantheon {{champion:78}} Poppy {{champion:13}} Ryze {{champion:98}} Shen {{champion:223}} Tahm Kench {{champion:163}} Taliyah {{champion:4}} Twisted Fate {{champion:350}} Yuumi** --- **BANNED ITEMS: {{item:3056}} Ohmwrecker {{item:3512}} Zz'rot Portal** --- **{{summoner:12}} Teleport** is banned _Have fun racing! {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}} This gamemode was originally ideated by PhantomLOrd_ _You can also join the **LoL Custom Game Modes** Discord server: ****_

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