Improvements on Client-sided mind-setting

Just wondering if it would do any good for the community and verbal communication between players in-game if in champion selection lobby there would be automated message (for players that have someone else in their team that has a record of frequent leaves / verbal abuse) that reminds to "take it easy on these guys and be extra careful not to provoke them" and possibly trying to hint that instead of getting in an argue with this kind of people, just mute them who start flaming / talking toxic stuff in-game. From my own experience, some people have no problem playing their games cool but get easily carried away if someone starts calling for mistakes or flame his/hers teammates (resulting in counter-flame / leaving), maybe a message of this kind would make someone think twice before sending that "oh my god that was terrible dont play jungle ever again please you noob" and therefore avoiding the release of the kraken. We all know this isn't the kind of issue you could just "fix" by doing some particular thing differently (except removing the chat completely) but small things amount to big ones or something like that. Just my thoughts. {{champion:17}}

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